Hi, I'm Johnny Ho!

I'm a Junior studying Computer Science at Rice University. Scroll down to read more about me.

About Me

In addition to an interest in Computer Science, I am also really interested in cars, and am also a top 100 player in a video game series called "Forza", which millions of people play. I also enjoy drawing and making unique "skins" for my laptop and other electronics.

Since coming to Rice, I've participated in a few Hackathons, as well as trading competitions. I have been involved in many clubs, like the Rice Vietnamese Student Association, working to help high school students better understand the college admission process, and more coding related clubs like the Rice Computer Science Club and the Rice Computational Finance Club.

This past summer, I worked as a Software Engineer Intern at eBay, in San Jose, CA. I am looking for internships for Summer 2020.

My Experience at eBay

I worked with the SearchX Team within eBay. They are responsible for the search bar for eBay's main internal website, and also adding features on top of normal search, most notably with a chat box that opens with certain keywords to guide users through common questions/issues that are searched.

I did a lot of small features and proof of concepts with this team, like creating a Java library to cut down on duplicate code between projects. However, I also worked on two major features, called "Webclip" and "SearchX Admin Page". For Webclip, I worked on initially migrating code so that the chat box that shows up on other eBay websites where the feature would be useful. I worked on this using Angular. For the SearchX Admin page, I created a CRUD web application to allow managers/moderators of SearchX to easily modify the database of users (previously it had to be manually changed in the database). For this feature I worked on it using Angular, Node.js, Java Spring, and MongoDB.

I also talked to other teams and gave them suggestions, as well as submitting over 10 production bug reports for the main eBay website.


I worked on a few projects for hackathons and trading competitions, but I also worked on a few projects on my own, most notably my "CARma Reviews" project. This is a car review aggregator (like Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes) as well as a social media website. The basic idea is that data will be gathered from various car review websites, and their scores will be combined to determine a winner, in a hopefully less biased selection. Users can discuss about various vehicles. Users can also adjust the weighting for various car reviewers, to better match the score to their personal preferences. The intention of this tool is to help people to buy a car as objectively as possible.

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